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Providing a Wide Range of Top-Notch Custom Dental Products


Artistic Dental Lab LLC in Poland, Ohio offers a wide variety of exceptional dental products to local dentists and other dental labs. Whether your patient or client needs custom dentures, long-lasting dental locator implants, or any other item, you can always count on us to produce them based on your exact specifications. We deliver quickly with little to no adjustments and re-makes. Browse through our site to learn more about how we can help you. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make the best and most competitively priced dental prosthetics that will produce long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing outcomes for dentists and their patients.

Meet Our Lab Owner & Manager, Richard Azar

Artistic Dental Lab LLC is the outcome of a successful existing dental lab named Richad Azar Dental Lab which was established in 1995 by Richard Azar in Beirut, Lebanon and who currently has a qualified and well experienced team that provide high-end services to many leading dental clinics in Beirut. Richard Azar decided to expand in the States and established Artistic Dental Lab LLC in Ohio. As a dental laboratory specialist, he takes dental craftsmanship to new heights as someone who prefers actions with tangible results rather than promises and words.

Richard graduated from Union County College in New Jersey, USA in 1993. He practiced for a couple of years with one of the best dental labs in Lebanon before he opens his own lab.

Regardless of the tasks, Richard ensures that excellent results are produced. Beyond just producing results, he also debriefs his team to check and see the process conducted and find out specific actions that could be improved in order to streamline the process to process a more efficient strategy moving forward.

Richard attended many seminars and congresses in Lebanon and abroad to stay up to date with the newest dental inventions. Despite facing several challenges along the way, he roses above them and proved that true leadership is only made better by facing tough times. Richard continues a tradition of precision and excellence.

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